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Astghik LIVE!

On  the 26-th of December Astghik Safaryan was invited  to take part in the “Alo Garik  Anardar  Show”  on  Armenian  Music  Television, to host the TV-program with Garik from 32 club.

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Astghik is invited to sing in “COVER-VERSION”

Cover-Version” is a radio program, where singers are invited to sing one of the famous songs, performed in their own modern version. During the program, a particular song is chosen so that at first the listeners are given a chance to hear the song performed by world-wide famous artists and then, at the end of the program, the invited singer has to perform the same composition live on air. 

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Atghik Safaryan in Rubikon

Astghik Safaryan in Rubikon presenting her second video-clip "FABULOUS BOY".
The director of the video Aren Bayadyan and Astghik are talking about making of the video and about all the adventures that happened during the video-shooting proccess.


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Astghik invited to 32-Atam

Astghik Safaryan  is invited to the comedy show called “32-ATAM”, as a guest. The show seemed to be very funny...



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