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Astghik Safaryan for Radio-VAN

Astghik Safaryan in Live-Concert


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Astghik/Vardan performing live in corcert

Astghik Safaryan is invited in Karen Grigoryan’s CD-Presentation Ceremony. That was not only a CD-presentation, but also a beautiful live-concert including all the songs of the album.
As Astghik was one of the singers that are involved in this cd, she performed the song called “You and Me”, which was a collaboration with Vardan Badalyan. The audience and all the guests of this ceremony really liked the song “You and Me”, and especially the beautiful performance of Astghik and Vardan.

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Astghik Safaryan for Viva Cell

On the 19-th of December the leading phone operator of Armenia Viva Cell organized a corporative party. The annual corporative party was put together by Viva Cell and was connected with summarizing of the passing 2009 year.

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1st of December - World AIDS Day!

Yerevan's Moscow Cinema hosted an exhibition of photographer Karen Grigoryan on December 1 - World AIDS Day.

The exhibition entitled "Let's Say No to AIDS" brought together 40 celebrities, such as singers, directors, television anchormen, actors etc.

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Astghik participates in “KRUNK-2009” music festival

KRUNK” is a music festival in Armenia. The festival’s main purpose is to promote singers and their songs in every region in Armenia, that is why this festival is always being organized across Armenia, everytime in a different region.

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