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ACO by Astghik Safaryan

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Astghik Safaryan             Fashion Line



In 2014, Astghik Safaryan, an Armenian pop/rock singer and songwriter has launched her  fashion line of accessories and clothing, "ACÓ" by Astghik Safaryan.

"ACÓ" is focused on mainly handmade accessories and exclusive clothing .
The mainstream of the brand collection is Classic; Casual; Unique. The Line consists of accessories both for man and woman (scarves, bracelets, necklaces, hats, bags) and exclusive clothing ( t-shirts, vests, exclusively designed dresses) designed by Astghik Safaryan herself, and implemented by professional specialists.

"ACÓ" brand's main accent is on the "DUO-line" which is a combination of two different colors, or materials in one item. "DUO-line" includes scarves, bracelets, scarf-laces, t-shirts range.
The other important thing about "ACÓ" that makes the brand different is that all the items are made in very limited quantities, using only the highest quality material, and hand-made mainly in Barcelona, Spain, and Yerevan, Armenia. So the "ACÓ" buyers will have the feeling of the exclusivity, as the items they are wearing, you cannot find in everyone's outfit/wardrobe.

"ACÓ" customer base is largely male and female, between 16-59 , however the clientele is very diverse, from college students to corporate executives, actors, musicians, etc.

"ACÓ" has an official partnership with Armenian #1 highly ranked online web store, and it opened its first Online-Store/section in And further looking forward to have its own web store soon. All the products are available for shipping in Armenia, Russia and all over the world.

Go Get it and Be a step closer to Astghik Safaryan's fashion thoughts and ideas.  







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