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Astghik Safaryan - Biography
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Astghik Safaryan is an Armenian Pop-rock singer and Songwriter, born in 1986, September 3 in a Family of creative parents. Father – Poet, Mather – former Singer

Astghik started her musical path, taking her first steps by participating in ‘’POP- Idols” international contest in Armenia back in 2006. Now she is one of the leading Female artists in Armenian Music Industry who is the author of all of her songs /both music and lyrics/, and producer of all her Discography and Videography. The Armenian Queen of POP-ROCK, as the press and magazines love to name her is also considered as an Armenian Fashion Icon for the young generation, as she is the stylist of all her images, in all her videos, photoshoots, etc., meanwhile establishing her Fashion Accessory line “ACO by Astghik Safaryan” in 2014.


2009 – 1st CD Album – “The Music Has Found Me” /album written & produced by Astghik Safaryan/

2010 – 2nd CD Album – “In My Own Way” /Album totally written & produced by Astghik Safaryan/

2016 – 3rd CD Album – “BETTER WAY” / Album totally written & produced by Astghik Safaryan/


2008 – debut music video – “Meghavor es”

2009 – “Fabulous Boy”

2010 – “Mi Patuhan”

2011 – “Sev Aknoc”

2012 – “NA”

2013 – “Better Way”

2013 – “USH E”

2014 – “Today”

2015 – “SHALOM”

2016 – “Vorbuk”

2016 – “LAVN ES”

2017 - “Standart”

2017 - “Ser Taracel”

2018 - “Alone”

2018 - “Du Ujegh es”


2007 – ‘BEST NEW ACT’ by Armenian top Radio Competition “Voske Qnar”

2009 – “BEST MODERN FEMALE ARTIST” by Modern Music Awards

2009 – “BEST FEMALE ARTIST” by Armenian Music Television

2010 – “Artist bringing FRESHNESS” by Armenian top “YES” magazine-awards

2013 – “Armenian POP-ROCK Princess” by “WOW” Magazine-award

2015 – “Audience Sympathy” Award in “Porque Tu lo Vales” Spanish contest-award in Barcelona, Spain

2015 – “Armenian FASHION ICON” by Armenian top Style-Magazine “EL STYLE”


During her 10-years on stage Astghik had lots of concerts in Armenian regions and in Capital Yerevan

Also Had plenty of “Astghik Safaryan evenings”/ Concerts mainly for Armenian diaspora in European area, in some of European cities such as Paris, Barcelona, Brussels, Amsterdam etc.



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